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It's about life: addiction, recovery, and second chances. Each week comedian Greg Baldwin talks to celebrities and normal folk about their second chance in life. Heroic, inspiring, often comedic true-life stories from the people who are living them.
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Dec 30, 2018

Alan Caudillo studied Film and Political Science at the University of Colorado, and as it turns out learned a great deal about both from avant-garde filmmaker and mentor Stan Brakhage. 

Alan's photographed his first feature film, The Shot in 1994 and has since worked as a DP numerous features, television shows, commercials, documentaries and music videos.

Alan for some reason studied Poetry at the Anne Waldman/Allen Ginsberg founded Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at the Naropa University and enjoys writing.

Alan currently lives in Los Angeles and recently finished shooting season 2 of The Mick on Fox.

Dec 17, 2018

When you think one of the most prolific character actors, who’s also an outrageous openly gay stand-up comedian, one name comes to mind…. Jason Stuart. He has been in close to 200 film & TV shows! Jason is in one of the most anticipated films of the year playing a plantation owner in the Nat Turner biopic Birth Of A Nation starring Nate Parker & Armie Hammer. The Grand Jury and Audience Sundance Award winner from Fox Searchlight. Also, a director with the web series Mentor on Revry now which he also acts with Alexandra Paul & Paul Elia and dramatic new short Like Father.

As a comedian, he had his own hour cable special Making It To The Middle & 2 comedy CDs in addition to performing on One Night Stand Up, Wisecrack and Comics Unleashed, Red Eye, Gotham Comedy Live to name a few. As an actor Love, Swedish Dicks, Sleepy Hollow, Real Rob. House, Entourage, The Closer, Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Everybody Hates Chris, George Lopez, My Wife & Kids, Charmed and Will & Grace. On film, he’s been featured in Gia (w/Angelina Jolie), A Day Without A Mexican, Coffee Date, Vegas Vacation and Kindergarten Cop.  Lastly, James Franco’s Immortal, Hush Up Sweet Charlotte with Mink Stole, Ira Sack’s drama Love Is Strange opposite Marisa Tomei, John Lithgow & Alfred Molina and in the award-winning comedy Tangerine.

Dec 2, 2018

Born in the deep South, raised in Los Angeles, Dayna has been a professional voiceover actress since she was eight years old. She graduated from LA County High School for the Arts with a resume of radio and television spots, as well as many theater productions, already under her belt. Dayna went on to act in indie films, music videos and even more national television commercials.

Dayna moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000, continuing her acting career and studying broadcasting at the same time. She found her true home in radio and has been a Bay Area DJ for over 15 years. Dayna’s love for music started when she was a baby; she was raised on tour and backstage, as her father was the drummer for a rock and roll band.

Dayna also hosts a podcast called Radio Rehab, where she interviews guests and has discussions about recovery from addiction and its many facets.

Nov 18, 2018

Dennis Argenzia's love for music started as a young child and he's been fortunate enough to spend his entire adult life working in the music industry.  He currently serves as Vice President for Asia Touring and Managing Director of Hong Kong and Singapore for Live Nation, and has worked with some of the biggest bands in history including Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Metallica, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Madonna, GNR, and Maroon 5. After working in LA for 16 years, he spent 8 years in Shanghai and now lives in Singapore with his wife and son.

Nov 5, 2018

Mike “No Name” Nelson has been a popular on-air fixture on Bay Area radio for 20 years and also an accomplished TV host. Hosting shows nationally for Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, HGTV, and locally with Beer Money on KPIX, and Creepy KOFY MovieTime and Carpool Showdown on KOFY TV. A veteran voiceover talent and actor, Nelson has been featured in the films Cars (2006) and Head in the Sand (2009).

He lives with his wife of 15 years and two young sons.  He is a motorcycle fanatic, DIY enthusiast, builder of homes and hot rods. Mike is also the drummer for the legendary San Jose band The Flames. He loves the outdoors, hiking, camping and is a survivalist. He volunteers at his sons’ school and is also a family man, breast cancer awareness advocate, and inked-up podcaster.

Oct 21, 2018

Matty Staudt is a 27-year broadcasting vet. Having worked as a producer, consultant, and mentor throughout his career, Matty wanted to give back and started teaching at the Academy of Art University. There he developed the first podcast production program of its kind in the United States and their first branded content course. In 2017 Matty was named Digital Program Director for iHeartMedia San Francisco and a year later become the company’s and radio’s first VP of Podcast Programming overseeing all of the 755 locally produced podcasts in the iHeartRadio family of stations.

Oct 7, 2018

Joumana Kidd is an actress and journalist and former wife of retired NBA basketball star Jason Kidd. She has hosted shows for NBA television, E television ‘s Extra, and has covered various Red carpet events including The Grammys and Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies.

Sep 23, 2018

After nearly six consecutive years of working as a body-guard to the rich and famous, Keith landed his most lucrative contract in November 1992. The very next day, he decided to go out and celebrate his good fortune at a popular restaurant/nightclub on the infamous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

At 2 o’clock the next morning, Keith and his friends left the restaurant/nightclub, and shortly thereafter, he was the initiating party in a multi-car collision which resulted in the death of another young man and multiple injuries suffered by the survivors.

Keith was charged and convicted of Second Degree Murder, and given a life sentence in the State Prison. Determined to come to terms with the magnitude and gravity of his actions, Keith embarked on lifelong quest for complete spiritual and physical recovery. While incarcerated on his life term, Keith availed himself and benefited from every available form of rehabilitation inside or outside the prison walls.

Then, after 18 1/4 consecutive years of model behavior and after nearly a half-dozen parole hearings, Keith was finally released from state prison on parole.

Sep 9, 2018

Matt Nolan is an actor and voice-over artist.  He has appeared in Oscar Winning Best Picture Argo, directed by Ben Affleck, and films Only the Brave, Jersey Boys, Stolen, and more.  His TV credits include Love, The Librarians, 2 Broke Girls, Grimm, and many others.  He has voiced countless animated tv shows, commercials, and video games and has lent his voice to dozen's of blockbusters such as Black Panther, The Avengers, Deadpool, War for the Planet of the Apes, and X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Matt lives in the Hollywood Hills with his wife and two children.

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Aug 26, 2018

Nason Buchanan is Senior Regional Program Coordinator, Mayor's Office of Public Safety.  Born on the Southside of Chicago and raised in Gary, Indiana, Nason's purpose and goals are to empower youth and their families, he has become a dedicated and influential man of service in Los Angeles. Since 2011 Buchanan has lead within the GRYD office facilitating various initiatives including the city’s Gun Buy Back program and President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative. He also assisted with the Mayor’s Office Domestic Violence initiative across the city.

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Aug 13, 2018

Lindsey Glass is the daughter of veteran author, playwright and director Leslie Glass and the granddaughter of Milton Gordon, producer of Lassie and other beloved early TV series. Her father, Ed Glass, is an investment banker and consultant and her brother, Alex, is a successful literary agent and founder of Glass Literary Management.

In 2011, Lindsey co-founded the non-profit Reach Out Recovery and served as Chairman of the Board for five years. Reach Out Recovery has become the number one addiction recovery site in the country, reaching half a million people every month. She has served as a recovery advocate working to reform health care and legal policy for people suffering from addiction and mental health issues.

As of 2018, Lindsey continues to add to her recovery companies with Angels N' Roses - a company that makes fun, relatable products for the recovery community. She also works with different companies on branding, content creation and business development.

Jul 29, 2018

Larry Clarke is an actor, director, and writer with 80 credits to his name. He is also a husband, father and, according to his wife Fielding Edlow, a ballerina.

Larry grew up primarily in the suburbs of Maryland. His mother, Dolores was a teacher and an activist. His father, Emerson, was a ballistics engineer at Aberdeen Proving Ground. He is the youngest of 5 children.

Larry attended Towson University where he majored in Theater. His professional stage debut was in David Hare's "A Map of the World" at Baltimore's prestigious Center Stage theater. He performed there for two seasons. The highlights there working with Boyd Gaines in Hamlet and in Wallace Shawn's "Aunt Dan and Lemon". He then moved to New York.

He worked with The Barrow Group theater company and got his first big break in the movie, "In and Out". The next year he landed the recurring role of Det. Morris LaMotte in “Law and Order”.

More recently, you know him from “Contagion”, “You & Me”, “Twin Peaks”, and “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”. Currently, he is working and acting with his wife, Fielding Edlow in their own series, “Bitter Homes and Gardens”.

His great love is the New York Stage where he has performed throughout the years most notably as the lead character in the premiere of David Rabe's "The Dog Problem".

Larry left New York and moved to Los Angeles in the winter of 2002. He currently resides in Hollywood, California with his wife, Fielding Edlow.

Jul 15, 2018

Sobriety, marriage, dead cats (no, not really). Fielding Edlow shares her life journey with Greg Baldwin. They get super-excited about acting, Transcendental Meditation, She’s a hard-worker, in recovery and super-honest. Fielding is the creator and star of the award-winning web series BITTER HOMES AND GARDENS, which is swiftly becoming THE must-watch web series.

Fielding Edlow is a writer, performer and stand-up comedian based in Los Angeles who Variety calls “a gifted scripter with virtuoso material”. Along with Iliza Shlesinger and Fortune Feimster, she was recently named one of the “six funniest women in Los Angeles right now” (Pure Wow).

In addition to BITTER HOMES AND GARDENS, Fielding currently voices the character ‘Roxy’ on BOJACK HORSEMAN. She hosts her own hit monthly show “Eat Pray F*ck” at the Hollywood Improv which features regulars such as Eddie Pepitone and Maria Bamford. Her solo show, COKE-FREE J.A.P., was performed in the NYC Fringe Festival (Backstage’s “Best of Fringe award”) and then had a four-month, sold-out run in LA at the McCadden Theatre and was subsequently developed as a half-hour comedy pilot at Showtime.

Jun 26, 2018

Brian Scannell is a native of Boston, Massachusetts, and has the accent to prove it. He is an actor and producer, known for Gone Baby Gone (2007), The Master (2012) and The Town (2010).

He went to Spofford Hall in New Hampshire, which sounds like a posh private school, but it’s not. Since getting sober on March 5, 1988, he’s been all over the world, done electrical work, been in IT sales, toured with a band, drove cross-country, and saw the Aurora Borealis. He happened to be in California and was discovered in Hollywood during a period in his life when he was open to anything. He ended up getting cast in Brotherhood (2006-2008) over coffee. 

“If you don’t drink and drug I believe that the universe almost takes over your life. It puts opportunities and things in front of yo that you’d never in a million years would think about. And also you know an opportunity when you see one because you have some clarity.”

His is a “gutter to glitter” story and is amazing.

Jun 10, 2018

Raised in the Compton and South Central Los Angeles area at the age of 13, Andre started gang bangin’ and was arrested as a juvenile, later as an adult and sentenced to life in prison in February 1991. During a time in solitary confinement reading the autobiography of Malcolm X and the World Almanac Andre converted to Islam, taking on the name “Yusef," and it was his spiritual faith that took him away from the destructive lifestyle of the gangs to a more purposeful way of life.

Yusef has now been working for many years to end gang and youth violence through intervention and skills development programs. He is the creator and co-founder of the Timelist Group program which operates inside CDCR, Alameda County and Los Angeles. The Timelist program has helped many people turn away from detrimental lifestyles through a self-help rehabilitation curricula. Yusef has gained an AA degree in Small Business Management as well as a paralegal degree. Yusef is a proud father, Reentry Coach, Executive Director of the Timelist Group and Consultant who resides with his wife and family in the Antelope Valley.

May 27, 2018

Alyshia Ochse grew up in Northern Kentucky, where she spent her tomboy childhood playing sports and secretly writing poetry. As a true Scorpio, she enjoyed observing the spirited vulnerabilities and mysteries of human beings. Then, she embraced pen and paper. 

She journaled every chance she had and started writing intense poetry that helped her understand the world around her and her place in it. This eventually turned into a book, a podcast, and an acting career. 

Though a southern girl at heart, Alyshia has embraced the gorgeous California sun, where she resides with her Mediterranean chef Husband and their cheeky little girl. Listen to her podcast, That One Audition and follow her on all the social channels @alyshiaochse.

May 20, 2018

In a town where talent and creativity abound, it is exciting to discover that "rare find" among the masses.  Richard Berman is not just a pianist among thousands in Los Angeles; he is a gifted musician and "artist's artist" as others often refer to him.  Having spent fourteen years traveling the high seas performing on "six-star" Crystal Cruises, the world’s most luxurious and prestigious cruise line, Richard has touched hundreds of thousands of fans who have appreciated his talent, his style, and his unique ability to create a memorable experience...each and every time.

May 15, 2018

Jeremy Christian is a musician and comedian from Louisiana. He grew up poor with 9 brothers and sisters and turned to selling drugs to put himself through school. From Katrina to a cancer scare to finding and meeting his biological father, his resilience and talent have seen him through the highs and lows of his journey.

May 6, 2018

Comedian Tammy Pescatelli talks with Greg and Joey about her life, friendship, addiction, parenting, and the business of comedy. She tells stories of living in a stripper colony and how sometimes her personality gets in the way, especially when ugly socks are involved. If none of this makes sense, it will when you listen. Promise.

Apr 30, 2018

Growing up rough, bullying, boxing, and rehab - Ricky Quiles was in trouble and he talks about it all. Now he’s 13 years sober and says it is the best decision he’s ever made in his life. He’s a champion in boxing, but he’s also a champion of himself now in sobriety.

Ricky "Showtime" Quiles is a four-time championship prizefighter,  boxing trainer, and owner of Ricky's Boxing Gym.  He enjoys using his 18 years of professional experience, both in and out of the ring, to teach others about the sweet science of boxing. Currently, Ricky trains over 100 clients ranging from beginner to professionals in the Los Angeles, California area.

Born in Lorain, Ohio, he was enthralled with boxing at the young age of six.  By the age of fifteen, he was fighting in the Cleveland Golden Gloves, where he eventually captured three titles.  On May 4, 1989, at the age of nineteen, he turned pro after winning a four-round decision over his opponent. 

Over the next eighteen years, Ricky fought all over the world, collecting a series of titles including the WBF Junior Welterweight Title, the NABO Junior Welterweight Title, the WBC Continental Americas Junior Welterweight Title and the NABA Lightweight Title.  His fights have been featured on Pay-Per-View, "Friday Night Fights" on ESPN and ESPN 2 and "Tuesday Night Fights" on the USA Network. 

Apr 22, 2018

Jimmy Shin was set on being a successful lawyer, but the pressure threw him into a tailspin. Find out how he got out and now loves what he does, working with all his friends. An amazing turnaround and second chance at life. Jimmy has been mixing his musical and comedic talents all of his life. After graduating from California Western School of Law, Jimmy decided to take a more humorous path. While in Seattle, Jimmy won the honor of "Rookie Comedian of the Year" in the Seattle International Comedy Competition in 2005 and was advised by Ron Reid (The Producer of the competition) to move to Los Angeles. Although urged by his parents to become a lawyer, Jimmy decided to take a leap of faith and pursue his dreams of becoming a comic in LA. After moving to Los Angeles, Jimmy has been performing all around the country and producing shows at The World Famous Comedy Store. He has performed regularly at the Improv, Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store. His break came when he performed three times on The Tonight Show. His parents finally acknowledged that he was a real Comedian when they saw him perform on The Tonight Show and began supporting his decision to pursue a career in Entertainment. He has also appeared on the HBO Series "LUCK", The Carson Daly New Year's Special 2015 and most recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Apr 15, 2018

Comedian, author and playwright Steve Bluestein is on Second Chances telling the amazing stories of his time on the comedy scene, life, cancer, depression and his mother. He’s seriously funny and funny about serious subjects. Listen as he schools Greg and Joey about the early days of standup before there were comedy clubs.

Apr 9, 2018

Margo Romero is an Independent Producer and Director and has worked on over 100 projects. She is CEO of Blank Page Entertainment, Inc., which allows her to create a working environment that supports individual creativity and team work. The goal of BPE is to create content with integrity, entertainment and value. BPE specialties are advertising, art direction, budgeting, com, production, and radio. Margo and partners have produced several feature films, including “SIBLING RIVALRY”, “HOOKERS FOR JESUS” and the just completed, “BUTTERFLY”. BPE produces indie commercials and music videos, high end wedding and special event videos, demo reels, television pilots and sizzle reels. Margo Romero works as an editor / casting story developer on Expedition Impossible, The Job, Pay Load, The Mole, and The Apprentice.

Apr 2, 2018

Kirk Baltz was born in New York City, New York. He is best known for his role as Officer Marvin Nash, an LAPD police officer in the famous torture scene of the 1992 Quentin Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs. Kirk also starred in another film written by Tarantino, 1994's Natural Born Killers, as Roger. His other film credits include the 1990 drama film Dances With Wolves, the 1997 action film Face/Off and the 1998 political satire Bulworth.

Kirk has appeared in many made-for-television films, and starred in the 1999 miniseries To Serve and Protect. He starred in the short-lived 1992 television series Human Target, and played sinister stalker Steve Roth in The Marla Hanson Story (1991).

He has made guest appearances on shows including Will and Grace, NYPD Blue, Seven Days, The Shield, 24, and Without a Trace. Kirk was the first actor to portray the Batman villain Clayface in live-action, in the short-lived series Birds of Prey.

Kirk trained extensively as an actor in New York City and Los Angeles. He studied Meisner technique with Greg Zittle of The Neighborhood Play House, and Strasberg based work with Sandra Seacat, Tony Greco and Susan Batson, all renowned acting teachers and noted members of the Actor’s Studio.

In 1995, Kirk began teaching acting classes in Los Angeles, CA and acting workshops in other major cities across the U.S. and abroad. He continues to do so, while offering acting classes and private coaching in Los Angeles as well as on line sessions via Skype.

Kirk also does on set coaching for TV and film. Participants gain a better understanding of the differences between acting on stage, on camera and in a casting office. His Actor’s Intensive workshops have helped a great many actors, writers and directors to build strong acting technique, and tell compelling stories with clarity and conviction.

His acting classes empower artists to fully be who they are while realizing their absolute potential. All work is Meisner and Method based…using repetition, movement, sensory work, improvisation, writing, script analysis and varying exercises.

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Mar 25, 2018

Accused by his mother of killing his father, renowned artist Joey Feldman turns tragedy into triumph.  Joey talks about his life, from stealing the family silverware to fuel his habit to his father dying in his arms, to his mother’s cancer treatments; his story is filled with amazing ups and downs.

He talks about his recent past when he moved in with his girlfriend, Mo: “I was painting restaurants, doing decorative faux finishing to make ends meet. I was miserable I was in a spiritual prison. She said, ‘You're not drawing anymore - you’re miserable.’ She gave me $100 and sent me to the art store. ‘I want you to draw every day and put it on Facebook. Really commit to it.’” His influencers, Ralph Steadman, Picasso, Francis Bacon, his fiancee, and his cat keep him going, working, and drawing. Joey now has a line of pens, sketchbooks and ink, and his prints are available for purchase. “I was on fire, I’m still on fire.”

Relationships, vulnerability, creativity, and mistakes: nothing is off the table.

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